Today is a Just Takes 2 quilt block day and we have a really pretty, traditional block for you today.

Benjamin Biggs Block 17

Block 17

Benjamin Biggs Block 17 Center

Elen Morrison
Thomas Creek

The town is better known as Tom’s Creek and mentioned frequently in historical accounts of the area. I couldn’t find much information on Elen and I have a feeling her name might actually be Ellen. Many of these blocks were made by girls in their teens. I did find some interesting reading about a church in Tom’s Creek. At least one of the surnames names mentioned in the article is also in your blocks. The Early Years at Tom’s Creek United Methodist Church

Border PlacementThere were some questions in the Just Takes 2 Facebook group about placement of the swags on the border. I tested a half strip last night and put together this diagram I hope will help if you’re having trouble with your border. If you’d like a PDF version of this to add to your pattern you can download it – HERE

I’m sure Brenda has something wonderful planned for you today so head over and don’t forget to download your block while you’re there!


Just Takes 2™ Benjamin Biggs Quilt
Block 17
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