Basic Information – Just Takes 2™ Quilt


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Just Takes 2™ was a mystery quilt.  It was divided into four main sections. It’s finished size without borders is 72 X 90 inches. Every three months, you received instructions for assembling one section of the quilt. By the end of the year, you put all four sections together. The blocks are 3, 6, 9, 12 and 15 inches. There are both pieced and appliqued blocks, although the majority of the quilt is pieced.  NOTE: You could not beg, borrow or steal a peek at this quilt before the patterns were presented.  It was like being pregnant in the olden days when we had our children: you had to wait until the baby was born before you could see all it’s parts!

Blocks  of the Month – UNITS

 Twice a month you received “pieces” of the quilt as digital downloads. These “pieces” will be a minimum of two blocks. Sometimes there will be 5-6 blocks. We tried to balance the time involved in making each UNIT. All blocks come with instructions. You do not have to be a master quilter to make Just Takes 2™. Beginners are welcome!

On the first day of the month, you received a”Unit” from Gay at  Sentimental Stitches™.  Gay posted detailed photos and tips for each set of patterns. They are still available at Sentimental Stitches™. You can use the Search box in the right sidebar on the blog to find Just Takes 2™

posts. You can also Search for the dates in 2012. The second “Unit” wwas available the 15th of the month on Brenda’s Dear Jane site. The complete pattern for the quilt is now available. It can be ordered in the Online Store.


Fabric Selection

Keeping with the tradition of the Exhibit, Gay and Brenda are making red and white quilts. We talked about wonderful blue and white quilts, yellow and white, pink and white…. You may want to use black as one of your colors. Pink and brown make a good, traditional combination of colors. Just Takes 2™
would also be beautiful made ‘scrappy’ from your stash!


Fabric Requirements

Fabric requirements: background –  9 yards

Color— 6  yards

Add 1 yard for binding.

NOTE: We have added about three-fourths yard to this estimate. Like many of the older quilts in the Exhibit, Just Takes 2™  does not have a border. If you think you will want a border, you need to allow for it. We give you yardage for the block area only. However, we will be making suggestions for the borders later in the year. Also, if you do lot of paper-piecing, you will need at least an additional yard. (Secret: this quilt contains about two thousand six hundred pieces, if you’re a counter)



After  a lot of discussion, we decided not to include any embroidery in  Just Takes 2

 There were many wonderful embroidery quilts in the Infinite Variety Exhibit, and we will be giving you embroidery patterns to substitute in your quilt from time to time.

The optional patterns for redwork embroidery patterns are available to purchase. CLICK HERE . The pattern includes 69 different designs and 13 alphabets for you to select from when making your quilt.


Just Takes 2™ is our very own quilting bee! We will all be very involved in sharing this unique quilting journey. Gay’s twice monthly posts on the Sentimental Stitches blog are still there for you to refer to. The original Just Takes 2™ blog needed updating but we didn’t want to lose the information it contained so it was archived. It includes photos from quilters around the world who were making the quilt. The original block is still available for you to access.

To see the original Just Takes 2™ blog site with all the photos posted by those making the quiltCLICK HERE