Here we are down to the final three blocks in the Benjamin Biggs quilt. I haven’t had much time to put together information on this block. I’ve been fighting a nasty cold bug for at least the last week. It’s really taken the stuffing out of me so today’s post is going to be short.

Benjamin Biggs Block 23

Block 23

The block is an interesting one. Looks a little like apple branches to me which are perfect for this time of year. There are two red fabrics and two greens ones so a little bit of everything tossed in. I can’t wait to see what you do.

Benjamin Biggs Block 23 Center

Jane Fleming

Jane was 25 years old when she made this block and the 1850 census shows her still living in Frederick County, Maryland with Robert Fleming, age 65, a farmer I assume was her father and her younger brother Robert.

Paula Barnes - Marcus Brothers FabricsBefore you head over to Brenda’s to download your block I have a favor to ask. A friend is desperately looking for some of this fabric. It’s by Paula Barnes for Marcus Brothers Fabrics and probably a couple of years old. Blue and dark gray (almost black) on cream shirting type print. If you know where to find some or have this in your stash and would be willing to part with it I’d be ever so grateful. I’ve looked everywhere I can think of, spending way more than a few hours online with no luck so far. Just email or leave me a comment. I can put it on the Missing Fabrics page too


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Block 23
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