It’s March 1st and there’s a lot going on today in the Just Takes 2 world! Brenda has the third block for you, we have a drawing for the Quilts of Indiana book, I have the petal pattern many of you asked about and the results of the background voting. Are you ready?

Ben Biggs Block 3 Isn’t this a sweet little block. You’re going to get lots of practice doing skinny stems and small cherries. We grow them much bigger in Traverse City! I’m looking forward to working on this block. I love the challenge and plan to work on the block all weekend while it snows once again here in Michigan. We’re beginning to think spring will never arrive.

Petal Motif for block corners
For those of you who wanted a copy of the petals I’m using instead of the rosebuds you can get that pattern HERE.

Ben Biggs Block 3
Here’s a look at the signature on this block. The name looks like Barbara Winters to me. This signature is written right on the block and not sewn in like it was in Block 2

That’s it for right now. I’m going to go find Clutch, have a snack, work on my block and watch it snow!


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