Just Takes 2™ Benjamin Biggs Quilt Block 5

Benjamin Biggs Block 5-4

Block 5

This block is one of the papercut blocks like the first block. It shouldn’t take you too long to do the center part and many of you have already appliqued your corner rosebuds in anticipation of the coming blocks. That’s a wonderful idea if you have the extra time available. We’ll be giving you the border pattern next month so you can start working on all those pretty scallops while you’re making your blocks.

Benjamin Biggs Block 5-2 I really like the fabric in this block. It’s a great red and yellow print I wish I had yards and yards of!

Benjamin Biggs Block 5 signature Here’s a close up of the signature on this block.

It appears to be –
Mary Shaw
Jan. 18th 1947 or is it 1849 ???

I have to admit it looks more like 1949 to me which makes me wonder……..if Benjamin and Elizabeth got married on January 11, 1849, about three months after the quilt was completed, was the block signed almost a year before their wedding. Would it really have taken that long for the quilting or was that block signed after the quilt was completed?

Benjamin Biggs Block 4 signature Some of you thought the date on last month’s block looked more like 1849 making it even more questionable. Here’s another look at that signature.
There’s a special Signature Page here at Just Takes 2 with pictures of the signatures from blocks so you can study them closely. I’ll add each month’s picture when the block is presented.

Benjamin Biggs quilt Block 5 I think the signature and inkings are a special part of this quilt. This month’s block looked a bit like an ink blot and I thought it was kind of boring. Then the light bulb came on. Just because my quilt isn’t a friendship quilt doesn’t mean I can’t add the pretty inkings to it on my own!

Benjamin Biggs Quilt Block 5 center I haven’t decided exactly what design is going in the center of this block. I thought about putting the initials of family members in each block with their birthdates. Maybe flowers, birds, butterflies, simple scroll motifs………..these are some of the things I’ve been pondering. It shouldn’t be too hard to come up with something.

You might notice my block is a traditional red print on a creamy background. Well……….that’s a long story for another day. Right now you should head over to Dear Jane to get your block.

Just Takes 2™ Benjamin Biggs Quilt
Block 5
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