Just Takes 2™ Benjamin Biggs Quilt Block 13

Happy New Year everyone! I feel like 2014 flew right by and I’m still trying to catch up. We missed several block postings here and I apologize for that. I’m going to take them over for each month and will try to do a better job for you during 2015.

Block 13
Today is the beginning of the second half of the Just Takes 2 Benjamin Biggs quilt and we’ll be working on the centerpiece block in the quilt.

Block 13 whole 2
Block 13 signature


Eleanora M. Biggs
July 20th 1848


Block 13 inscription


By the Ladies For
Benjamin Franklin
Biggs 1848


There are beautiful sentiments inked in the four corners of the block. I think it was a brave soul who dared write on such a pretty block. I’d be scared to death I’d make a mistake and ruin the whole thing!

Block 13 corner 1st

 Flowers seek the light, their beauties to display,
The leaf will smile the same by night as day
There is the smile that no cloud can o’recast,
The flowers and leaves are thine own to the last.

Block 13 corner 2nd

The stars that gem life’s morning sky,
Smile sweetly o’er the now;
And flowers around thy pathway lie,
And roses crown thy brow ~

Block 13 corner 3rd

Should pleasure, at its birth
Fade like the hues of even,
Turn thou away from earth,
There’s rest for thee in heaven.
Block 13 corner 4th

Life is but a shadow – save a promise given
Which lights up sorrow with a fadelys ray:
I touch the scepter! – with a hope in heaven
Come, turn thy spirit from the world away.

They’re all beautiful verses. Hopefully I have the wording correct. I can’t decide which one is my favorite and there isn’t anything I don’t like about this block. It’s just a treasure any way you look at it. The pretty little scallops quilted around the corner inkings are just darling. Here’s a picture of the fantastic blue ombre fabric used in the block.

Block 13-7
When I looked closely at all the flowers you can see how the blue area was fussy cut from a larger print or stripe that had come chocolate brown in it. The brown shows at the tips on a couple of the flowers near the signature and inscription.

I’m sure Brenda has something wonderful planned for you today so head over and get your block!


Just Takes 2™ Benjamin Biggs Quilt
Block 13
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    • Block 13 has been retired. You can purchase that block HERE


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